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Cupsleeve Events


The 2023 cupsleeve events are a new experience at Imaginarium Book Festival, inspired by the K-Pop community! Use your drink ticket(s) to claim a tasty, fantasy-inspired, and non-alcoholic drink* created specifically for the festival.

You will then receive a custom cupsleeve to attach to your cup and later keep as an event souvenir. Drink tickets come with Celestial VIP, Phantasma VIP, MysticEnchanter, and Voyager event tickets only. Additional drink tickets can be purchased at the merchandise booth for $5.00.


There will be two different drinks: one on Saturday and another on Sunday! Served in a 16oz. cup w/ straw.


These drinks contain fruit, food dye and edible glitter.

*All beverages served at Imaginarium Book Festival are non-alcoholic.

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