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IBF 2021 Highlights

We just closed the chapter on IBF 2021, and it was amazing to have readers and authors join us for virtual panels for two whole days! We chatted about magic, our favorite villains and literary techniques, and even debunked a few fantasy trope myths. Many of you tuned in to participate in polls, giveaways, and Q&As. Although there will never be enough words to fully express it, we want you to know that we are extremely grateful! Thank you for listening and being a part of the conversation. Most of all, thank you for your participation during these times. This was a celebration of fantasy like no other.

Here are the IBF 2021 highlights!

1. [PANEL] The Unreality of Magic Sidekicks

Panelists: Amy Cissell, Andrea Tang, April White, Natalina Reis, Shayne Leighton, and Tosca Lee

Hosted by Diantha Jones & Nadège Richards

2. [PANEL] The Action of Writing Action

Panelists: Angelique Archer, Laura Thalassa, Roshani Chokshi, Shelby Mahurin, and Tosca Lee

Hosted by Diantha Jones & Nadège Richards

3. [PANEL] Through the Looking Glass & Back Again

Panelists: Aiysha Sinclair, AJ Vrana, Amy Cissell, Elizabeth Kirke, Jodi Meadows, Lindsey Richardson, and Roseanne A. Brown

Hosted by Diantha Jones & Nadège Richards

4. [PANEL] If Your Villain Sucks, So Does Your Hero

Panelists: April White, Brigid Kemmerer, C.L. Cannon, Elise Kova, Jacy Sellers/Nicole D' Arcangelo, L. Penelope, Roshani Chokshi, and Shaila Patel

Hosted by Diantha Jones & Nadège Richards

5. [PANEL] Demystifying Fantasy Tropes

Panelists: AJ Vrana, Andre R. Frattino, Ava Cuvay, Ayana Gray, Kat Cho, N.D. Jones, Shayne Leighton, and Starla Huchton

Hosted by Diantha Jones & Nadège Richards

6. [PANEL] The Laws & Whims of Magic

Panelists: Brigid Kemmerer, Elise Kova, Kat Cho, Kathrin Hutson, Lindsey Richardson, Shelby Mahurin, and Theresa Kay

Host: Nadège Richards & Diantha Jones

7. [PANEL] The Prophetic Dilemma

Panelists: Andrea Tang, C.L. Cannon, Hafsah Faizal, L. Penelope, Laura Thalassa, Shaila Patel, and Tracy Wolff

Hosted by Diantha Jones & Nadège Richards

8. [PANEL] Perfectly Propelling Prose

Panelists: Angelique Archer, Ayana Gray, Elizabeth Kirke, Jodi Meadows, Rebecca Roanhorse, Tracy Wolff, and Starla Huchton

Hosted by Nadège Richards & Diantha Jones

9. [GIVEAWAY] IBF Snack Time

Photo by Lea Rust
Photo by Charity Rau

10. [GIVEAWAY] Bookish Scavenger Hunt

Photo by Anastasia Radzievska
Photo by Katelyn Bennett




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