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About Nadège


Nadège Richards is a young adult fiction author, an award-winning book designer (Inkstain Design Studio), a fine art photographer (Vellum & Wing Photography), and a human being (in her spare time). She lives and dreams in the abstract and spends a majority of her life filling it with art. If she's not traveling, she's reading. If she's not reading, she's writing. And if she's not writing, she should be writing. Now she is also the creative director and co-founder of Imaginarium Book Festival.     


She attended Temple University with the dream of becoming a neurosurgeon, but followed her love for writing and graduated with her B.A. in Journalism. Her friends and family are her biggest inspiration, as well as the occasional cup of tea. Although born in Brooklyn, New York, she has lived in sunny Pennsylvania for many years, where she currently obsesses over croissants, memes, and the color turquoise. Before becoming a writer, she was a blogger for a YA Fiction blog called My Home Away From Home.


Nadège's first name is pronounced NAH-DEZH. It's French, although she's never been to France. Her hobbies outside of her work-life include binge-watching Korean dramas, exploring bookstores, hiking, and collecting candles. 

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