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is a book festival for all kinds of readers, where incredible worlds can be discovered and explored. Our goal is to bring together authors and readers who share a love for the fantastical. Whether you are a newcomer to the SFF and paranormal genres, or a longtime fan, you're sure to find the story that makes you feel at home.

MAY 8-9, 2021


Helping Hands


The 2020 Imaginarium event was postponed, which was—and still is—a non-profit event. Deciding to cancel the event after 2 years of planning wasn't easy, but it was definitely the right thing to do given the current COVID-19 pandemic. We're able to save a lot of our purchases and use them next year, but unfortunately the tote bags purchased for attending readers cannot be used since they have the "2020" date on them. 

Instead of boxing them up in storage, we've decided to list them as merchandise and donate ALL proceeds to United Way's COVID-19 Family Support Fund to help families impacted by a sudden loss in wages. This way we're able to support people who may be struggling in this particular economic climate, and then also give the tote bags a new home where they can be appreciated!





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Imaginarium Book Festival

May 8-9, 2021

Time: 10AM - 5PM EDT


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