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Exhibitor Manual

Last updated on 4/21/2024

If you would like to ship any of your items (books, swag, etc.) to the venue ahead of the festival, you may only do so the WEEK OF the event. All shipped items must arrive between Monday, June 3, and Thursday, June 6. No sooner, no later. Anything shipped to the venue outside of this time window will not reach us, and the UDC will be returning them to sender. Please contact us to let us know before you plan to ship anything, and verify all delivery dates before shipping. You MUST send us any and all tracking numbers.


If you are shipping items from home, please make sure to write your AUTHOR/BUSINESS NAME (not your legal name) on the box so our team can have your things organized for you to later retrieve. You must have the shipping address formatted as such:



Line 2: University of District of Columbia Student Center

Line 3: ATTN: Valerie Lewis Taylor - Imaginarium

Line 4: 4200 Connecticut Ave NW

Line 5: Washington, DC 20008

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