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Every author wishing to join us at Imaginarium Book Festival must have published at least one book that fits primarily in the genres of fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi. All sub-genres are welcome. Romance novels will be accepted as long as they also fall into the fantasy, paranormal, or sci-fi genres. This will be a kid-friendly signing event, so we do not accept erotica titles or products. Please understand that filling out this interest form does not guarantee your participation in the festival. All deposits are non-refundable and table spaces are non-transferable.


When: May 21, 2022 (one-day signing event)

Where: National Press Club; Washington, DC

Time: TBD

Table Fees: $350 for a full 6' table; $175 for a half table. 

Deposits: $75 for a full table; $50 for a half table (non-refundable)


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If you are signing up for a full table, you are able to attend with one (1) assistant. Will you be bringing one?

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