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The Luna & Sol Merch Box is Here!

We've held many giveaways over the years, and we've definitely created our fair share of book boxes. This year, especially since we're all online, we wanted to do something a little special. Something bigger and less expected than the usual welcome bags we give at our events. This is where our idea for the Luna & Sol Merch Box came in.

We wanted to put together something that was original, inspired by our love for magic and fantasy, featuring things designed and created by us—for you. When brainstorming about the perfect items to include in this box, we immediately thought about what we, as fans, enjoy the most about bookish merch bundles. Of course that meant a bookmark and notebook, but who doesn't love a great graphic tee as well? We knew we absolutely needed a candle, but we also wanted it to be vegan, long-lasting, and topped with gold. The hard enamel pin was a must-have addition to the box. It's easily our favorite item, because the design stands out beautifully in comparison to the other things in the box. You can attach it to a hat, jeans jacket, or a bag. It's collectable and matches the sun-and-moon theme we love so much.

This is a dream project and a fundraiser in one, which means we're aiming to meet a specific goal before producing this one-of-a-kind box. We're a team that loves creating and thinking beyond the norm, so more than anything we hope to provide readers, magic lovers, and even writers with gifts that can't be found anywhere else. With your support, we're certain we can make that happen!

You can read all about this crowdfunding merch box here.




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